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Popunder Advertising & Display Ads With Worldwide Reach

Target Your Audience

Thousands of active network publishers
Billions of ad impressions per month
Geo-targeting by all countries & cities
Popunder, Display, Native & Video Ads
Advertiser Fraud Protection
Device Targeting – Mobile, App, Desktop
Ad Retargeting Via Tracking Pixel

Create Your Ad

Popunders / Popups
Display Ads – All Banner Sizes
Mobile App Traffic
Native Ads
Video Ads
CPM – from $0.10
Inventory Stats Feature

Measure Results

Self-serve platform with account area
Detailed campaign management & reporting
Reports on impressions, clicks, conversions, ad spend, ROI
Grouping & filtering options
Individual campaign reporting

Eclick Network is an advertising network that serves billions of ad impressions per month by partnering with a network of over 100,000 websites and network partners.

Our ad network is based on an auction model (CPM metrics) where you bid for placement. The higher your bid, the higher the placement and frequency your ad listing will have on our network of websites.

  • Display Ads (CPM)

    minimum cost
    per 1000 imp

  • Popunder Ads (CPM)

    minimum cost
    per 1000 imp

  • Native Ads (CPM)

    minimum cost
    per 1000 imp

  • Video Ads (CPM)

    minimum cost
    per 1000 imp

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