Eclick Network uses the latest advertising technology with the capability to serve billions of ad impressions per month and can offer our advertisers the following features and more:

  • UK based company with 15 years experience in online advertising
  • Self-serve platform with account login are
  • Choice of popunder / popup, display, native or video ads
  • Ad inventory estimate tool – check the available inventory for your targeting options
  • Access to thousands of our network publishers worldwide
  • A wide range of targeting options – all countries and cities
  • Account top-up Payments accepted using Paypal or Wire Transfer
  • Low pricing from only $0.1 CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)
  • Macros supported – contact us for list
  • Conversion Pixels – Image, S2S / Postback
  • Segments Pixel Tags
  • Real-time online account and campaign reports
  • Fraud protection – low quality traffic blocked before it even reaches the network
  • Latest advertising technology to maximise performance

To sign up please contact us today and we will set up an advertiser account for you very quickly or you can use the registration form on this page.

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