Our internet advertising network offers different auction model where you may bid for placement (CPM metrics). The higher you bid, the higher placement your ad listing will have on our publisher websites.

Many sites offer text ads, which typically consist of one or two lines of text and a link. Users seem more likely to click on these ads and when they appear within content rather than at the top of the page in a banner-sized box, they do even better.

As the workhorse of web advertising, text ads come in different colors and sizes, including leaderboards, skyscrapers and all industry standard sizes. These ads allow you to present your message quickly and effectively. The advertiser’s message is always shown on the page.

Graphical Banners – CPM

Graphical banners have to be eye-catching enough to draw the attention of the visitors. It is up to the advertisers to display what they would like within the graphical space including logos and photos in various sizes. These ads complement the publisher pages aesthetically and blend in contextually.

When the user clicks on the graphical banner they should land on another page that the advertiser has set up to address more information about the product/service and what they would like the user to do. Graphical ads allow you to say it in pictures and boast a higher viewer retention rate than radio or television.

Available banner sizes include the following:
Leaderboard (728×90)
Full Banner (468×60)
Button (125×125)
Skyscraper (120×600)
Wide Skyscraper (160×600)
Vertical Banner (120×240)
Medium Rectangle (300×250)
Square Box (250×250)
Large Rectangle (336×280)
Small Rectangle (180×150)
Billboard Banner (970×250)
Half Page Banner (300×600)
Half Box (195×285)
News Banner (390×95)
Mobile X-Large Banner (300×50)
Mobile Large Banner (216×36)
Mobile Medium Banner (168×28)
Mobile Small Banner (120×20)
Mobile Standard Banner (320×50)

Rates from only $0.1 CPM


Popunder Advertising – CPM

Pop-unders are another form of online advertising on the Internet which emerged from the concept of pop-ups. This form of advertising is mostly acceptable by all advertisers, publishers and users as they are less intrusive and do not interrupt the user immediately nor take the user away from the publisher site. It gives advertisers a good opportunity to brand their product as well as giving the users sufficient product information. It can also provide advertisers with no creatives to use any page within their website as a pop-under advertisement .

When a user visits a website with pop-under advertisements, the pop-under will open up in a new browser window hidden under the user’s current browser. When the user closes their current browser then they will noticed the pop-under advertisement making them less intrusive, more acceptable to users and will not take visitors away from the publisher’s website.

Rates from only $0.1 CPM

Popunder Ads

Native Ads

High quality display traffic. Drive conversions and increase site engagement. All major native advertising SSPs are available.
Quality websites worldwide. High CTR Native ads units. Increase engagement of your websites and apps!
Rates from only $0.1 CPM

Video Ads

Show your video ads to viewers all around the world or a country of your choice. Get high engagement and grow your brand awareness.
Let your future customers discover your great products and services.
Rates from only $0.1 CPM